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Lice Removal And Lice Treatment

Don’t Let Head Lice Take over Your Home

When you want the best lice removal service in Orlando, you turn to the people who know how to protect you and your family, Lice Care Solutions. We’ve partnered with schools, local physicians, and community wellness agencies to educate people on how to better treat and prevent head lice. Our unique approach is based on in-home/on-site head lice removal and treatment techniques you can trust.

On-Site Support, Head Lice Treatment, and Prevention in Orlando

We only hire Certified Medical Professionals and we use our own line of 100% plant-based vegan-friendly ducts that are made in a FDA certified lab. Lice Care Solutions is simply the most advanced head lice treatment and removal service in Orlando. Our goal is to be the only head lice removal and treatment service you’ll ever need. Call upon our experienced, highly-vetted team of medical professionals today to treat your family and arm you with lice prevention techniques that keep your home clear of lice.

What Does The  Service Include?

✅ 40 Day Guarantee
✅ All Natural Plant Based Products 
✅ Medical Professional To Your Door
✅ No Additional Charge Per Person
✅ Professional Nit Comb Included
✅ Home Inspection & Consultation
✅ No Follow-Up Appointments Needed
✅ HSA & FSA Accepted


How Does It Work?

Call For Natural In Home Lice Removal In Orlando


Our medically trained professionals are available 7 days a week 24/7 to answer all your questions.

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We provide same day appointments. Our medical technician arrives within a few hours of your initial call.  We have weekend and evening appointments available to accommodate your family schedule.

In Home All Natural Lice Treatment In Orlando


Rest assured the answer to your lice problems is on the way. Most importantly we show you how to protect you and your family from re-exposure and future lice infestations when your child returns to school or daycare.


Our expert lice consultants are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding in Home Lice Removal.

Lice Removal Service In Orlando and Surrounding Areas:

Lice Care Solutions is a mobile lice treatment company that currently offers lice removal in Orlando. Our lice treatment technicians will travel up to 100 miles outside of city limits to treat you and your family for head lice, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Audubon Park, Lake Dot, Westfield, Bryn Mawr, Delancy Park, Lake Terrace, Wedgewood Groves, Lake Como, Dover Estates, Southern Oaks, Metro West, College Park, Florida Center North, Airport North, Englewood Park, Millenia, Rosemont, Vista East, Baldwin Park, Lake Frendrica

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The women were amazing, thorough, and inciting. They taught me how to keep the infestation from happening again. They did not waste time. In fact they used their time very wisely. They were my Angels.
Scott Keehbauch
Scott Keehbauch
00:28 03 Sep 18
AMAZING!!! We are a family of 10!! My daughter had lice... luckily she was the only one! But they checked all 10 of us and did an amazing job!!! If this ever happens again, I will call them immediately! Thank you!!
Licia Mulberry
Licia Mulberry
00:08 07 Sep 18
Lisa and Talia were amazing and thorough! I would highly recommend them to everyone! Thank you so much for helping our family!
Jessica H
Jessica H
18:44 02 Sep 18
Unfortunately, we had a family infestation and an actual RN came out and worked with each of us (7 people) and explained the process as she worked, and answered our questions. The products she used smelled great and she showed us how to prevent reinfestations. She was very professional and personable. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends in this area. What a great service!
Kimberly Cykmam
Kimberly Cykmam
19:55 04 Sep 18
Brenda was personable and friendly and super knowledgeable! The whole experience was pleasant, even if the reason wasn't. Thank you!
Ryan Joann Rendon
Ryan Joann Rendon
19:10 19 Sep 18
Highly recommended! Great experience! Robin did a great job! 45 day guarantee too!
Mallory Holliday
Mallory Holliday
01:07 20 Dec 19
I highly recommend Lice Care Solutions of Orlando. Robin was on time, thorough, friendly and very professional. I would definitely use them again.
Elizabeth Searcy
Elizabeth Searcy
17:44 23 Dec 19
Amazing quick and easy experience 100% recommend, where was this years ago?!! Found out I had lice yesterday called that same day and the next day I was treated!
Nashalie Saavedra
Nashalie Saavedra
18:09 31 Jan 20
Robin did a fantastic job with me. She answered all my questions, helped calm my nerves and treated me. I was under a tight time frame and she was able to come the same day I called. I’m very thankful that she could assist me the way that she did.
Carley Ford
Carley Ford
00:16 01 Feb 20

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Our expert lice consultants are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding in Home Lice Removal.