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If you or a loved one has suffered from head lice, you probably know the experience can be itchy, embarrassing and downright confusing. Where should you go for reliable information, and what the heck is the difference between a wet check and a dry check?

Recently, a client of ours reached out with just that question. Since we pride ourselves on teaching “all things lice,” we thought you might benefit from the information as well. Here’s what she wrote (email published with the client’s permission):

“Hello, My child came home from school a couple hours ago with head lice. I’ve been doing a ton of research and am pretty sure I’m going to hire you guys, but I wanted to know if you do wet checks or dry checks. I’ve read wet checks might be better…

Thanks for your help!
Sally R.”


To answer Sally’s question, all of our Lice Care Solutions technicians perform wet checks, which means we lubricate the client’s hair with our all-natural solution and perform a thorough comb through using a serrated lice-removal comb. Unlike dry checks (also known as the visual inspection method), wet checks demobilize any lice that were in our client’s hair, and any nits that may have been there become loose immediately. We then physically remove all visible lice and nits from our client’s hair.

While wet checks are more time consuming than dry checks, studies have proven wet checks to be much more effective and, therefore, an optimal detection method. That said, you’ll probably still find the school nurse using dry checks, since the visual inspection method is much faster.

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