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Getting lice can be inconvenient, frustrating and even a bit confusing. Will the lice go away by themselves? How quickly do they spread? Should you use an organic solution or a more toxic one? Is in-home lice removal more or less effective than going to a lice salon or lice clinic for lice-removal treatment?

While we can’t answer all of your questions in one blog post, today we want to share why we recommend in-home lice removal treatment over a lice salon or lice clinic for lice treatment.


So Why Should You Use In-Home Lice Removal Service Rather Than a Lice Salon or Lice Clinic?

1) In-Home Treatment Allows You to Start Delousing Your House Immediately

When treated in home, you and your family can get a head start on isolating infested items, vacuuming furniture, and washing sheets and clothing that may be infested with lice. With in-home treatment, you have a professional on-site to answer your questions.

2) In-home treatment is easier to coordinate

Let’s face it: it can be a struggle to round up multiple children at once. Then there’s the challenge of locating a place you’ve never before driven to. With in-home treatment, one child can be receiving treatment while the other is getting home from school. What’s more, the technician comes to you!

3) In-Home Treatment Is More Private

While it’s very common to catch lice, the stigma around it can make the whole situation feel icky and a bit embarrassing. Save yourself from the lice clinic “walk of shame” with comfortable, in-home treatment.

4) In-Home Lice Treatment Can Be Cheaper Than Going to a Lice Clinic or Lice Salon

Because many in-home lice removal companies charge by the hour instead of by the head, you can save money by investing in a reputable in-home lice removal experience than and expensive lice clinic.

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