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Is Your Head Lice Shampoo Safe?

For many years, head lice shampoo has been used by many parents to treat an infestation problem. However, it is just nowadays that people are looking more carefully as to what is really in these products and wondering if these are really safe for kids.


The sad thing is, many report that these products are not anyways 100% effective in dealing with a lice problem. Worse, lice shampoos contain toxins that are known to be bad for the human body. In fact, the effects might be worse on your kid, as they are normally more sensitive to toxins. There is nothing wrong with buying head lice shampoo, but as much as possible, skip these.

Lice Shampoo Toxic Ingredients:


is a neurotoxin that is normally used as a pesticide. It has been linked to cancer and is capable of causing harm to the nervous, hormonal and reproductive systems. Unfortunately, it can be found in many lice treatment products. Lindane is banned for certain uses but it is still allowed in these types of products. It also tends to linger in the environment and may be passed on through the food chain.


This is a nerve gas derivative that is also popular in fighting insects. It is considered to be safer than lindane but is still dangerous as it interferes with the nervous system. It triggers asthma and affects the normal balance of hormones in the body. Worse, it is easily absorbed by the skin so when it is used against lice, you can just imagine it getting absorbed by your child’s body easily.


Composed of permethrin, pyrethrin, and many others, these are synthetic pesticides that are toxic to the immune system and the thyroid. Some have been banned from food production, but they are still found in lice products, specifically sprays used for homes and schools. They have been marketed as safe because they are produced from chrysanthemum flowers, but they are already chemically engineered and are more toxic.


These are just some of the dangerous ingredients in the popular lice shampoos and treatments. In fact, using them might bring worse consequences than the lice infestation itself. There are many studies that have shown that exposure to these chemicals leads to severe medical conditions.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Natural Lice Treatments that do not have these chemicals can be used, though their effectiveness is also not guaranteed. To be safe and sure, use a fine comb. It is tedious and you would have to do it a few times, but you can get rid of the problem without requiring any other products.

Though your child will experience some discomfort, a lice infestation does not bring anything more than that. This means you do not have to worry about diseases. You can patiently and peacefully fight them with nothing more than a comb, and you will be rewarded for your hard work.

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