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The combing process should be conducted as follows:

  1. After using a wide-tooth comb to organize hair, comb all hair back in one direction (front to back)
  2. Then, using a nit comb, comb hair from ear to ear, starting at the sideburns, if present.
  3. Next, flip hair over, and comb forward all hair (back to front) using a wide-tooth comb.
  4. Finally, comb hair from the nape of the neck to the front of the ear using a nit comb.
  5. Section the hair out in sections about the width of the comb. (About three fingers)
All treated household members must actively avoid exposure to lice by avoiding contact with those known to be infested and by following the instructions on the “De-Licing Your Home” handout. The
lifecycle of a human head louse is 3 weeks while feeding or 3 days off the scalp, so it is possible to get re-infested from exposure to infested household items or exposure to the person who originally contracted lice.



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