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The Ultimate

Nit & Lice Removal Comb

Was: $19.99



The Ultimate

Nit & Lice Removal Comb

Was: $19.99





  • USED BY THE PROFESSIONALS: Americas #1 In home lice removal & treatment company, Lice Care Solutions, releases their specially made nit comb to the public. This new lice and nit comb is made of robust steel and is used by all their medically trained staff on all jobs. This hair lice comb is the ideal solution when you have to deal a lice infestation. The comb can get to every louse and nit with ease, due to the very small distance between the comb’s teeth and their micro-grooved design
  • PROFESSIONAL LICE REMOVER: Our premium lice remover comb ensures deep lice removal for smooth and clean hair. This amazing lice removal tool is a professional comb that will help you get rid of lice in the comfort of your own home.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The lice zapping comb is made of high-quality stainless steel which is a durable material and can be sterilized after each use. In this way, the comb can be used by every family member without risks of spreading the lice.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: The lice remover comb has a practical design, with a non-slip handle, which ensures an easy grip. The handle allows more control over the comb and steadier moves, ensuring a deep lice removal.
  • EASY TO USE: To get the most of our lice remover comb, first, you have to separate your hair into sections and start combing from the scalp down to the hair ends. Look closely at every section and repeat the action if necessary. Then, clean your comb and prepare for the next combing round.

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53 reviews for The Ultimate Nit & Lice Removal Comb

  1. jacob andrews

    best nit comb. the customer service was great also answered all my questions!

  2. contractor

    Hello when this product put on sale price!!

  3. Jessica James

    Just received our order via Priority Mail! Just in time, perfect comb to get rid of all the head lice!

  4. Ann t.

    just received this about a week ago, what can I say one of the best comes that we’ve used before. all the Combs that come in the lice kits are literal or Garbage compared to these. also might I add that their customer service is so on point! They even took a phone call

  5. Taco Tammy

    Bought these combs hoping it would work and they did!

  6. Eric R

    These are the best headline combs we’ve ever used. We were able to clean out all 3 of my nieces hairs in just one day. We didn’t have to put any Chemicals in their hairs. We just simply combed until nothing came out. And just pulled the little that was left over with our fingers. We’ve already recommended this comb to any one that we knew had this problem before.

  7. Andrew P

    Ì use it to take dandruff out. 😅 I like it.

  8. Edward S

    easy to use and clean

  9. Erica Diaz

    One of the best if not the best comb used for my family!

  10. SharronShopper

    Did a great job and fast!!!! delivery 🙂
    Thank you!

  11. Jennifer Gray

    I have lots of hair do daycare and needed this so I can check my own hair for lice from time to time.

  12. J. Kennedy

    Drug store combs always seem to fall apart after a while, but this one still works. Worth the money!

  13. J Martinez

    We use it for dandruff and it works perfectly!

  14. Adiana

    My daughter’s hair is thin so these don’t grab the eggs well at all. Okay for removing the adults.

  15. Ellen grace

    My twin daughters caught lice from school it was a total nightmare, we tried all the shampoos but nothing seemed to work. We bought this nit comb and it worked great!!

  16. J donmoyer

    Love Love Love This nit comb!

  17. Aliie R

    strong metal teeth, good for long and short hair

  18. J Childs

    Went to Kroger and picked up a sad excuse for a nit comb… this just blows it out of the water! It even removes dandruff, it’s so good!

  19. Natasha Chico

    Best Lice comb I’ve ever found especially for thick hair!! Works amazing!!

  20. Debra Martinez

    Sturdy as advertised. Even used it to clean my hair brush. No nits or lice. just dandruff.😀 Easily went through sectioned hair.

  21. Luis Rey

    This is not one of those cheap nit Combs. I bought this for my niece and it’s worked perfectly so far. Very sturdy and solid construction. I highly recommend it.

  22. Robin R

    Love this nit and lice removal comb.
    This nit comb actually removes the nits and lice. This nit comb is completely different from the nit comb I bought at the drug store. This one has serrated teeth that pulled out all the nits and lice. I highly recommend it!

  23. Lice Care Solutions

    Great Nit comb!

  24. Devin Redding

    This comb is so much better than plastic combs or ones with smooth metal pins. Thanks to the spiral grooves in the pins, I got ten times as many nits out of my daughter’s hair than with the other combs

  25. C Aramburo

    I love love this product .it happened first time with my kids so I tried to many things but disappointed so then When I was ordering this one I wasn’t sure that is good or not or money going in trash but surprisingly it amazed me it took all the small ones too out of hairs now I feel more relief and comfortable that I am good taking care of my kids

  26. Darren J

    Amazing Buy! Gets a lot out that you didn’t even know was in your kids hair…. very good item

  27. Karen o

    good, ty LCS

  28. Flora

    Just as good or even better than the terminator nit comb for a really awesome price!

  29. Felix Taurus

    Works wonders! used this to get rid of dandruff and sure the hell did!

  30. Leianne Morgan

    When lice was going around in the school, I bought three different lice combs (since I was confused which was the best). I think they’re all good, but different lice combs seem to work better on different hair types this one was best for my daughters!

  31. Tracy Combs

    Works really well, It dosent rust like another one i bought a while back

  32. Kimberly Constantino

    Buy this comb! It’s worth every cent! Even got out dandruff!

  33. Erin Taft

    The teeth are super, super close together gets everything out!

  34. Irene Durbon

    This is the best comb for checking for and removing lice. Don’t forget to use it on dry hair. It really works!!

  35. Jenny Jen

    I think it is best suitable for the ones who suffer from serious lice problem. It is extremely hard to remove dirt/lice(if it comes) from the comb.

  36. Robert F.

    I bought these to clean velcro and they work wonderfully. Very strong teeth made of good quality.

  37. Jenny E

    Unlike the plastic Combs, this actually removes all nits from the hair. Very sturdy.

  38. Debbie Sanders

    This is the best of all metal combs. What a difference.

  39. Arron Meuse

    Gets a lot out that you didn’t even know was in your kids hair…. very good item

  40. Nancy Padilla

    This thing was a lifesaver. Thanks for such a great product Lice Care Solutions

  41. Myra Herrera

    This comb is so much better than plastic combs or ones with smooth metal pins. Thanks to the spiral grooves in the pins, I got ten times as many nits out of my daughter’s hair than with the other combs . After several days of struggling to clean her long, fine, thick hair, I finally feel like we’re making progress.

  42. Wandi

    Does the job…

  43. Sandra B

    Daughters are now free from lice. School opened, so the comb has to be used daily. Great product.

  44. Rachel Cummings

    These lice combs are very effective. We have had great success with combing, washing and applying coconut or olive oil. So glad we found these as it takes weeks to fully remove all lice and eggs.

  45. Jose R

    Vale la pena el costo, de una pasada jala muchos de estos molestos animalitos. Si aplican primero aceite para bebe y luego pasan el peine el resultado es mejor

  46. Jaren Shaw

    Helped.. All the other combs I bought didn’t work on the nits but this did

  47. Grace P.

    Worked great!

  48. Anja Elise

    Great comb. work very well

  49. Grossout!

    Soooo much better than the plastic ones

  50. Kinsey Melendez

    Such a great comb wish i had found out about it long ago! Glad Lice Care Solutions came and removed all our head lice LEA WAS GREAT!

  51. Erica Lopez

    Bought handfuls of different combs! This one is the one to get rid of nits on first try . Love this it comb defiantly a top pick!

  52. Erica Johnson

    Be sure to Use morning and night after a treatment and win the battle!

  53. Kinsley L

    Best comb ever! worked on our family’s hair!

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